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1. Realistic self-defense, simple for everyone

2. Fitness

3. Supportive community, meet great people

4. Flexible schedule

5. Affordable memberships


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At Roshankish Martial Arts Center Boston, we place a high value on teaching practical, real-world skills.

Muay Thai is a combat sport that utilizes punching, kicking, knees, elbows and a variety of blocks and strike techniques.

At Roshankish Grappling Boston will teach you how to survive on the ground and how to control them regarding their size.

This is based on Krav Maga boot camp. You will punch, kick, jump ropes, pushups, sit ups, pull ups and challenging. Lose weight, get in-shape.

Roshankish kids Martial Arts Medford, provides a great martial arts program, Tae kwon do, Boxing, Self defense, kicking and more.




Learn Self Defense

Learn self defense that is practical and effective.


Get in Shape

Get in shape as you learn self defense



Challenge your mind and body


Build Confidence

Trust the process and build your confidence


Meet Great People

Be part of the community



See yourself growing and improve

Pick a date and time that you are available.

We believe beginners class would the best first class for everyone.

Let us help you with your journey to learn self-defense and get you in shape.


What our members say about RMAC

Best Gym Around

“Best gym around for total body fitness and self-defense. Trained staff is professional and helpful. Roshankish is a true gem in the area for many types of martial arts training styles and is perfect for any disciplined students looking to learn.”

~ Elsa Ames

Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

“Joining RKM has been like joining a family. The instructors challenge you to do your best, while also offering endless encouragement, as do the other students. I joined a little over a year ago and beyond the amazing friendships, I have lost twenty pounds and have become much stronger and more confident. If you’re looking for a place that will help you transform yourself, come check out a class. You won’t regret it.”

~ Ashley W.

Great Environment

“I strongly recommend this gym to anyone interested in learning to defend themselves or looking to get in better shape. The owner Ali and all of the instructors are dedicated to helping individuals of all skill levels, and have created a great environment to train in. I look forward to going everyday.”

~ Danny J.

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Want to try our programs? Like to try an intro class? Get started with your intro class today and experience all that RMK has to offer!

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Monday through Thursday: 4-8:30PM

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